Best Vacation rentals in Antigua Guatemala

The best vacation rentals in Antigua Guatemala are here. See our web page and you will see that we have a variety of properties for you to choose.

Antigua is a wonderful place!
It is a city located between three majestic volcanoes. Its beauty and great constructions as more than twenty churches of the sixteenth century, the ruins, the history and traditions makes that the city is always visited by thousands of people every year.
Many people who come to relax and enjoy its beauty now prefer to come and stay at a house with their family to feel more comfortable.

This new trend to use houses or apartments is taking more and more adepts each year. For this reason, we take the time to choose what is best in the market to offer and make them feel at home.
The sensation of rest in a house and go out each day to discover new places and things makes your trip unforgettable.

Try to stay in a house on your next trip. Your home out of home. . . you will like it! You can come to Antigua and we will get everything prepared to make you feel at home.
look for us at: and choose your house in Antigua!

Photos Best Vacation rentals in Antigua Guatemala

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